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Welcome to Department of Food & Beverage Management

      Established in 1997, the food and beverage management department aims to offer students a deep-rooted knowledge of academic classroom lectures and demonstrations as well as hands-on laboratory experience so as to meet the increasing demands of the hospitality industry.

        In view of the fact that practical competence is paramount in the working environment, the department provides a number of brand-new facilities and equipment for students to gain hands-on working experience. Among these are a cocktail-mixing laboratory, a multifunction beverage laboratory, a banquet room, a Chinese culinary laboratory, a western culinary laboratory, and a demonstration classroom.

      The program, which the food and beverage management department provides, includes hospitality-specific courses in addition to traditional business courses taught from a service-oriented management perspective. The curriculum features the following core areas: food and beverage management, human resources management, information technology, culinary arts, cuisine culture, food & beverage service skills, restaurant management, nutrition, purchasing, cost control analysis, foreign language training, a 6-month industry internship, and an overseas field trip are also required.

      Furthermore, the department of food and beverage management engages the highly qualified faculty from academic and professional fields, we also regularly invite numerous distinguished chefs to lecture and share insights so that our students may be familiar with the latest trend in the hospitality industry. We sincerely anticipate that our students will fulfill the common requirements and obligation and become the professions in the food service industry.